"No plot, no gun battles, just well- timed jumps and exploding cars. Perfect." - Kotaku
"This is pleasantly frustrating stuff." - Edge
Freeway Fury
Released July 21st 2010
Freeway Fury is my second flash game, and was a huge success, with over 20 million views in 5 months. It is one of the highest rated games on It's sponsored exclusively by
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The original idea for the game was for it to be just a simple highway car game, but very fast-paced. But then I played Just Cause 2, and just like in that game, I thought it would be very cool if the player could change cars by jumping onto them. The game also got inspiration from Spy Hunter, Burnout and Outrun.
As for art, Marco Vale from Vortix Games Studio created most of it, while Frederico Martins made some of the cars (the "Smart", "Buick", "Porsche" and truck), and the road textures. Francisco Furtado was responsible for the sound effects, voice-overs, and the music from a band he was part of, AVC aos 25.
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This is my first flash game. It was actually based off a prototype I programmed in C++, for a friendly game design contest in December 2008 (way before one-button games started to get popular).
Released February 3rd 2010
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I created the prototype very much by impulse; I just thought it would be fun to have a guy that flips up and down to avoid obstacles, while he runs faster and faster.
People seemed to really enjoy it, and then my friend Frederico, who created the art for G-Switch, told me "Hey, why not make that game in flash so it can spread and lots more people can play it, instead of just a few friends of yours?". He kind of had a point, so that's what I did! I then contacted Francisco Furtado to do the sound effects and music.
G-Switch was an instant hit; it was on Newgrounds' front page, appeared on my favorite gaming blog, Kotaku, and received excellent reviews. There's now a mobile version, for mobile phones with Android 2.2 and Flash Player 10.1 installed. It can be played here.
Key Krusher
Released January 26th 2011
I always liked the idea of games that put my typing skills to the test, and use up most of the real estate of the keyboard.
However, I felt that the available typing games over complicated it; with lots of boring words and/or annoying word-typed powerups. What I really wanted was to just "krush" some keys and feel the awesomeness! Thus "Key Krusher" was born!
I actually did most of the graphic design of this game, with the help of Frederico Martins who made the keyboard render. As usual, Francisco Furtado made the sound effects. The music is the work of Reinhold Pöhnl.
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Life: I'd like to have a word with the designer of this game.
Released May 2nd 2011
A game I made during a weekend for the Ludum Dare 20 competition, where the objective is to make a game in less than 48 hours.
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This is the first time I created art for a game without being completely disappointed with the result. I didn't have time to compose the music myself, so I used WolframTones random music generator.
Freeway Fury 2
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Released November 10th 2011
The sequel to Freeway Fury, and the flash game I designed with the highest production value to date. The goal with this game was to improve the original in as many ways possible, and to address most of the players' suggestions. Many improvements were made and new features added, try it out and see for yourself!
This game also marks the creation of the Serius Games brand name, which I created so it's easier to identify the games created by me and my team.
The Final Experiment
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Released August 27th 2012
Made in one day for Ludum Dare 24. This is a simplified version of an idea I have for a bigger game.

In this game you can define what are an organism's priorities in its behavior, such as seeking love, hate or food. You must define them in a way that will increase their chances of survival. Test evolution through genetic manipulation!
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Released November 8th 2012
The robot is the Universe's last hope, but it's faulty and you must fix it on the way.

This game was kind of a fun experiment to see if I could make a fun game where the controls don't work well from the start.

Some players loved the game while others found it too frustrating. What do you think?
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